Tips to better on your relationship

unduhan-4There are seven billion people in the world and one soul mate out there somewhere for you to find, right?

Maybe, but maybe not.

Research has quite clearly shown that a strong belief in destiny can actually be harmful to you and the success of your relationships. Here’s why: Having the mentality of believing that you’ve found your soul mate is related to all kinds of unhealthy thinking about your love life.

Let’s illustrate: You fall in love and start a relationship. And all relationships have processes and phases that they tend to follow. Infatuated love—when most of your time is spent thinking about that special person—will most likely only last a number of months(1). What really matters is what happens next. In other words: How will you react when your soul mate starts looking a bit less perfect?

People who hold strong beliefs in destiny are prone to lose interest in their partner much faster than others and are likely to give up much more easily when the relationship looks a bit less rosy (2). Look at it this way: If you believe that “we’re either meant to be together or we’re not” then you’re more likely to see negative things in your relationship as an indicator that perhaps that “special one” actually isn’t your true soul mate after all. Perhaps you were simply mistaken: if you were meant for one another, then why should you have to work so hard at the relationship?

The Work-Through-It Mentality

Are you the type of person who naturally faces hardships with a “work through it” mentality? In other words, do you see good things and bad things as equal part of the process of life? All relationships will go through hardship—it’s how you respond to that hardship that matters. That’s why the best predictor of whether your relationship will succeed in the long term is how you resolve disagreements(3). Research shows that people in relationships who have a “work through it” mentality will cope much better when the inevitable trials come—and that their relationships will stand a better chance of long-term survival(4).

My advice?

  • Ask yourself what kind of general view you have: Do you believe that things are either meant to happen or not; or do you believe that things happen as a consequence of how much effort and hard work you put into them? Try to realize what you can control and what you can’t. Understand that to get really good at anything (including relationships), thousands of hours of practice are needed.
  • Start looking at “working on your relationship” as romantic: There may be no predetermined soul mate waiting to be found. That said, over time, you can certainly experience the feeling of a specific person being your soul mate. That feeling comes from working on the relationship, compromising, and learning to understand your partner very well.
  • Beware the soul mate fallacy. People who believe in fate are likely also to also believe that a partner can read his or her mind without any specific communication of needs—If he’s my soul mate, he’ll understand what I need; that men and women are extremely different in their relationship needs—an assumption not consistent with relationship science; or that sex in a relationship will always be good—evidence actually shows that sex will change as a relationship changes and that a “good” sex life needs to be nourished through continuous practice.

The secret of find true love

images-3I picked the wrong man to be my first husband because my parents were pressuring me to get married. I hadn’t met many men at that point of my life, and nobody had taught me how to find true love: not high school, not medical school, not even my parents.

So I “settled.”

And I paid a steep price:  my first marriage lasted less than three weeks.

Yet, I was determined to find a love that would last forever. I had a vision of being happy with my perfect match, of falling asleep in his arms, of waking up with a big smile on my face ready to take on the day. But how could I make that dream come true?

I decided to start my journey in a quest for true love using the power of the Internet. I joined a dating service and looked at hundreds of profiles. But looking at men’s profiles wasn’t enough. I had to meet them. Because I didn’t know any of them, I arranged to meet each time in a public place.

I selected 100 men and met about 50. Each time, I was very excited before the meeting but during the meeting, I had the feeling that something was missing. I didn’t know what it was, though. Trying to analyze my feelings, sometimes I felt very attracted to the man’s body but not his brain. Other times, I liked the way the man was thinking but there was no sexual attraction. Once, the man was exactly what I was looking for on paper but when I met him, I felt ill at ease. My body didn’t feel comfortable with him. I listened to my body and said goodbye. I kept on meeting new people. I lost hope many times but never gave up.

When I met Steve, I felt something I had never felt before. It wasn’t infatuation, it wasn’t pure sexual attraction, it was a feeling that is hard to describe but I am going to try my best. It was a mixed feeling of deep comfort, inner peace, sexual attraction, emotional closeness, intellectual stimulation and fun. That was the feeling I had been looking for all those years without finding it. That feeling as I learned quickly, was reciprocal. A few years after the start of this wonderful relationship, we got married.

Unfortunately after 12 happy years of marriage Steve passed away from very aggressive brain cancer.

What was I to do now? Stay a widow for the rest of my life or start the exhaustive search for a life partner once more?

I decided to join an Internet dating service and look for true love again. Could I be lucky enough to find true love twice in my life when some people never found it once?

The advantage I had over the previous time is that I knew what I was looking for. I didn’t know the type of man I was looking for but I knew the feeling inside of me that I needed to experience: For me, encountering true love was having that special feeling inside both my body and mind: a unique mix of reciprocal sexual attraction, emotional closeness, intellectual stimulation, inner peace and fun. It is a chemical reaction that happens when two people meet and are right for each other. The feeling that together we are stronger that each of us alone and we can go through everything and anything together.

In search of that rare and elusive cocktail of feelings, I joined several dating services all over the world, selected over 200 men and met 120. I went to Singapore, Vietnam, Bali looking for Mr. Right. I didn’t care where I would end up living. All I knew is that I wanted to find true love again. I lost hope several times. Many times and for several years, I felt that I was like a leaf floating on the ocean, not knowing where I was going, at the mercy of rip tides, destructive currents and predators. Yet I kept on going, continuing to meet more men. What was the point of making money if I had nobody to share it with? What was the point of living a loveless life? But I was not young any more. Could anybody be interested in me?

How to choose your love

unduhan-5“Choosing love seems to mean swallowing your kid’s crap.” – Philippe

I have two parenting mantras, which have become life mantras.

The first is “It is not an emergency.” This always helps me calm down so I can pay attention to what’s actually happening, instead of getting hijacked by my alarm system. It allows me to make better choices. It worked so well when my kids were growing up that now as young adults they continue to use it, to themselves and to me, when things get tense.

The second is “Choose Love.” This reminds me that in any situation wherefear is tightening its grip or anger is building toward an explosion, I can defuse the situation. I may not know what to do or say. I may be scared, or angry. But I always have the choice to turn away from fear or anger, to open the door and let love in. I can’t always pull this off, but when I can, it always transforms the situation. In fact, it can turn things around so completely that it feels miraculous.

Choosing love doesn’t mean that you don’t set limits: “No throwing sand…..Out of the sandbox.” Only that you aspire to be supportive rather than punitive: “You wish you could play in the sandbox. It was too hard for you to stop throwing sand. We’ll try again tomorrow.”

But choosing love does mean that you accept the other person with compassion, even when they’re falling apart or lashing out. That’s why it’s common for parents who begin choosing love to find themselves wondering if they’re “taking crap” as Philippe said.

And yes, choosing love does mean that we choose to swallow hard and refrain from taking our anger or worry out on our child. But we’re not actually swallowing our child’s crap.  Instead, we’re noticing our own suffering, which is making us overreact to our child. Choosing love doesn’t mean we “swallow” that pain, which would be harmful to us. But it does mean that we refuse to take it out on our child.

How do we know this is old baggage? Because children will always act childish; they don’t have a fully developed prefrontal cortex. But we as adults only stoop to that level when we get triggered. The definition of getting triggered is that the prefrontal cortex stops bringing reason to the situation because the emotions seize control. In other words, we overreact with big emotions because of our old unconscious learning. And of course, the child did not install that trigger. It’s been there inside us for a long time. In fact, our child is giving us an opportunity to notice and heal that trigger. If we don’t, we will probably take that old baggage and dump it on our child.

What can we do instead of swallowing that suffering? Just notice it. Sit with it. Breathe into the sensations the emotion causes in your body, and don’t let your mind get sucked into any storyline. Just breathe. Love yourself through it. This is the hardest thing in the world, sitting with our own pain. But when we don’t deal with our own suffering, we inevitably take it out on others. And the miracle of this mindful approach is that it works, just by bringing more consciousness to that old pattern. Think of it as shining a light, and the shadows melt away. Little by little, that old baggage begins to loosen its hold on us and to disappear.

5 Lessons Learned: Products

Tips On How To Buy The Best E-Cigarette. People go for the electronic cigarettes for different reasons. There are those who move from the traditional tobacco cigarettes to the flashier electronic ones. Whether it is your first time into this or you want to move from one level to the other consider a number of these given factors. You should ensure you have put these practices into check when it comes to considering the kind of vaping you will need to enjoy. You must be able to understand why people do vape. You cannot indulge into something you are not sure about. You should never compare this to using a tobacco cigarette since the experience in e-cigarette will totally be different. Ensure you make good preparations concerning the nicotine that you will be introducing in your body. Ensure you know too well why there is a need for the e-cigarettes in the body. Ensure you know what you need so that you can be able to purchase the right thing. In order to enjoy the experience ensure you find maximum satisfaction that comes from it. It does not matter the level of smoking that you are in, all that matters is the way you are able to enjoy yourself in it.
Learning The “Secrets” of Products
When it comes to the cost, this kind of a cigarette is very cost effective. The basic thing that is needed is always a refill when it finishes. For a person who has been using the disposable cigarettes for a given period of time you will find that they talk about it being expensive as compared to the ones they were used to but that is only for the initial purchase of the kit. It is important to find the kit that will be priced well according to the amount in your pockets since they are all different. All you need to keep in mind is that the kind of kit you buy will be an investment you have made since it will be able to last you for a long duration of time. The time that most people stop using the kits is probably when they are looking for a more vaping power from a higher quality kit.
Why No One Talks About Products Anymore
The next step is to decide the level of nicotine that will work best for you. In order to understand the much nicotine you will require then consider changing the levels over time until you find the right one for you. Finding the best balance for the nicotine will take some time but gets better with time as you increase the experience. It is important to know which flavors are the best to deal with. Finding the best deal for you might take quite some time since there are so many varieties found in the market.

Learning The “Secrets” of Tips

Elements To Consider When Hiring A Dating Mentor A dating coach is a professional individual who offers counselling services to individuals and couples who are in a relationship or who want to venture into dating but are having difficulties or are restrained by a number of factors. There are several institutions nowadays which offer coaching services to individuals and couples and Canada relationship coach is one of the popular institution which offers such services. Before an individual sets out to look for a dating coach, there are several factors that they should consider or have in mind and one of them being the professional background. An individual should have the ability to track the establishment of the coach so they can have the ability to know whether the guide has dealt with different conditions moreover the impact it had in the general population or couples who encountered the strategy, as this will enable an individual get to confide in the tutor and is similarly a surety that the individual will get offer help. One should in like manner put capable capacity into thought as one may find individuals who offer managing organizations yet in the certifiable sense they are not confirmed in that they are not enrolled with a guaranteed board besides understanding that the master is ensured makes an individual get to confide in the coach. When hiring a dating coach one should also try and find out if the coach can relate to your present and past situations as a dating coach who relates to the clients situation or state is in a better situation to offer solutions to an individual. Another element one needs to consider is the dating mentor representing a test to you in that is he or she urging you to leave your usual range of familiarity and adventure the distinctive strategies for dating or the diverse techniques to handle diverse circumstances particularly for couples who are experiencing issues in their relationship.
Understanding Chats
An individual should in like manner consider the charges the dating coach is charging in that it should be pocket-friendly and should not go for establishments which charge high expenses and they twist up not giving quality organizations to the clients and the clients end up spending progressively and getting less regard for their money. An individual ought to likewise guarantee that the dating mentor is a reliable individual in that he or she is somebody you are open to offering your own data to without stressing that the individual will impart your data and encounters to different people as this is an infringement of a people security and it is against the hard working attitudes.The Key Elements of Great Services

Realize Your Privileges Before Buying

A residence is for numerous the most important purchase of life. At that point the laws and regulations require that certain data is actually presented towards the new proprietor. Nearby or perhaps state laws also suggest that the customer should know this stuff before you close the transaction. But it really might seem ridiculous that the owner could be pushed to pay a huge number of Euros to exchange the garden, for instance. That is why it may be so significant for the buyer to find out everything. Regarding more data, see it here. You can easily also speak to your community property agent to learn far more.

For example, in the United States, regulations state that residences built prior to 1978 could be using prospect paint. Because of this, any seller should inform the purchaser about the utilization of lead in paint. The health damage brought on by prolonged contact with lead might be serious and also permanent. In case a seller doesn’t comply with this requirement, the purchaser can prosecute for three times the damage suffered.

Sellers use many tips to hide problems that could lower the price of the house. Sometimes the seller’s situation is determined and they only want to do away with the residence. Employing a “home inspector” is the best way to avoid these issues by providing you with a detailed report. In the event the house has not been in the problems originally presented you don’t have to abandon the idea of buying it, but you may renegotiate the the sale. More about the author could be seen here.

A Beginners Guide To Guides

Getting Started With Some Of The Best Dating Coaches Because dates are not just hang outs and they are done in order to pursue the other person, it is just right that you get a glimpse of what these dating coaches in places such as Australia do in order to identify whether a date is great or whether a date will be a flop. These details will take hints from how you can find the right dating coaches in places such as Australia and anywhere that you can talk to. Knowing the best advices that these dating and relationship coaches can save you considerable amount of time from dates that are wasted because he or she fails to go on, so read on. First, the best dating and relationship coaches are going beyond just teaching you the techniques.
A Simple Plan For Investigating Resources
You should know that these kinds of dating advices are generally helping you ace that date, but there are times when you need to listen to your dating and relationship coaches to customize what you really need to do. These dating coaches are present in order to do the purpose of customizing advices and actions based on your situation. There are several things that you can learn from these people.
The Path To Finding Better Tips
Remember that being able to meet with women in bars and women online are two different things. Be sure that you know about the fact that women respond in a varied way than others in many situations. There are several kinds of relationship and dating counselors that you can see around but you should know the right ones based on your needs. Since there are certain things that you first need to perfect upon yourself, you have to remember that it is necessary for you to actually find the right relationship and dating counselors that can help you first groom yourself in such a way that your insecurities are settled and that you can fix yourself before hearing all the tricks and all the moves that you can do during the date. These coaches are going to be present to create the person that you should be in front of your date. If you have believed so much in what the media showed and you think that these relationship and dating counselors are mixers of love potions, then you have to set this idea aside first. These best relationship and dating counselors are going to give advices that work. If you are facing a coach that will share you some advice without asking you about your needs, then move around because the best relationship and dating counselors are those that will understand first about your need before moving forward with the advices and the tricks.

5 Takeaways That I Learned About Weddings

How to Feel More Inspired When Planning Your Own Wedding Nearly everyone can agree that getting married is something that will make them incredibly happy. If you’ve been able to find a partner in this life, getting the chance to really celebrate your love for each other will bring you an incredible happiness. This will be even more true when you end up inviting so many of your loved one to the ceremony to celebrate with you. When you’re able to have a big party with all of the people in your life, there shouldn’t be any question that you’ll be celebrating the right way. One of the biggest questions people will have to deal with when they’re getting their wedding off the ground will be how to ensure that the wedding is something that can be counted as a success. While people will often be happy with a very simple ceremony, you’re going to discover that there’s nothing more powerful than a wedding that’s going to be able to provide people with something to talk about for weeks. This means that it becomes necessary for people to seek out some unique sources of wedding inspiration when they begin planning. You can use the following post to assist you in finding the best possible information about creating a great ceremony. One key source of any type of wedding inspiration will be wedding catalogs that offer a range of ideas for a complete ceremony. Many of these types of publications are going to be designed to provide people with the latest and greatest ideas for designing your own wedding ceremony. Regardless of the sorts of ideas that you’d like to put into practice with your wedding, you’ll discover that the ideas in a great wedding magazine will be something that can set you headed in the right direction.
Where To Start with Inspirations and More
You’ll also find that the internet is becoming a fantastic place for people to find some incredible idea for a wedding ceremony. The internet his full of websites that you can work with that will offer you some great concepts for any wedding. You’ll find that implementing even just a few of the concepts that you come across in your research will be able to turn your wedding ceremony into something that you can really remember for years to come.
A Beginners Guide To Resources
It’s easy to see that you have a lot of options you can consider when you want to have a wedding you can really be proud of. If you can put together the sort of ceremony that will make people feel happy to know you, there is no question that everyone will have a great time.

The 10 Commandments of Events And How Learn More

Guides in Selecting a Wedding Venue It is important for you to decide early on where will be your wedding venue because this can affect other factors that you need to decide on for your wedding like your wedding dress, food, caterer, designs and other things needed for the wedding. Because of this, there are some tips that you need to know on how you can be able to choose the right wedding venue for you so that you will not be able to cram when your wedding date is nearing. It is also important for you to count and to finalize the number of visitors or guests that you are planning to invite so that you can have an estimate also on how big will be your wedding venue is. In order for you to choose the right wedding venue for your wedding, you must also consider your budget so that you can find a place that is not too expensive and that is also within your budget as well. When you want to see the entire look of the wedding venue that you want to have, you may visit websites of photographers or planners so that you can see the actual photos or pictures on the website of these people who are really involved in setting-up wedding events. It is also important for you to choose your wedding date so that you can also reserve the wedding venue when you talk to the owner of the venue and you can have the place reserve.
What No One Knows About Celebrations
If you already have your venue, make sure that you also think of the themes and colors for your wedding that you would want to decorate on the wedding venue that you prefer so that you can visualize if it will look good for your chosen theme as well. There are some couple who are using their love story to choose the wedding venue that they would to have on their wedding day and this place has a sentimental value for them that is why they chose this venue for their big day.
Interesting Research on Weddings – What You Didn’t Know
If you have several wedding venues in mind, you can create short list of these weddings venues and make sure that you set an appointment with these venues so that you may do an ocular inspection as well and this will be a very good move for you to do it. You must also remember that you must not book the first venue that you will see instead you must go around and look for other choices so that you can be really sure of what wedding venue to take or to have once you have inspected other wedding venues in your list.

The Beginner’s Guide to Automobiles

Choosing the Best Automotive Services

Everyone who owns a car or a vehicle knows have valuable it is for the whole family. Every family member knows how tough it is if their car is under repair. Therefore, we must make sure that we are taking care of our cars, making sure that it is well-maintained at all times. You must make sure that you take care of your car properly and that you have it check on a regular basis. It is very important that you hire a reputable automotive repair expert if you want to make sure that your car will be repaired or maintained properly. The very first thing that you need to do is spend time online and do a research.

It is also wise that you take the time to read online articles or blogs that provide information on how to find the best automotive repair services out there. Asking for some recommendations from friends or families who had an experience with automotive repair services is also wise. It is also smart to check and visit the website of these automotive experts – see for yourself whether or not they have excellent credentials. To ensure that you are hiring the right automotive expert, be sure that you do your homework well.

It is advisable that you find and choose a company that provides automotive repair services before you actually need one. If you want to find the best automotive experts out there, you can also look up a popular business directory. Remember that there are numbers of automotive experts found on the Internet today, but not all of them can give you excellent automotive services. Choose a company or an automotive expert who has received numbers of excellent positive reviews from their customers. It is also wise that you take the time to read comments, testimonials, or feedbacks made by their previous clients or customers.

Make sure that you choose a company that has technicians who received a certification of Automotive Service Excellence. To make sure that your car will be maintained or repaired properly, the automotive shop that you should choose should have the complete and advanced equipment. That is why visiting the shop personally is a must if you want to make the right choice. It is very important that the automotive shop which you will choose has a very neat and well-organized environment – make sure that all cars and equipment are neatly arranged. It is also important that you observe how the shop handles the cars or vehicles being repaired. Choose an automotive expert that have the skills, knowledge, reputation, and the experience.
Understanding Cars
Short Course on Services – Getting to Square 1

A Simple Plan: Companies

The Benefits of Digital Marketing

People who own their own companies, who have started from scratch and erected a wonderful business, certainly have so many benefits to enjoy, benefits which include flexibility, great opportunities, and a wonderful nest egg for the coming years. You might also know, however, that it is not enough to simply start up a business, but that you must keep it growing throughout the years if your work is truly to be worthwhile. It will definitely please you to know that today, with the help of modern technology, you can find many ways through which to ensure the growth and success of your company. One of these is through hiring the services of a company that offers digital marketing, which is sure to give business owners so many wonderful advantages and benefits to enjoy.

The first thing that people can enjoy when they hire the services of a company that offers digital marketing is the benefit of being able to achieve a global scope. If you are like a lot of business people today and in the past, you might use the standard methods of advertising, some of which include posters, banners, commercials, and so on – these methods, however, can only go so far, and certainly cannot help you to obtain the global scope that you desire. Digital marketing, however, is certainly a means through which even more success can be gained, as through it, you can reach out to people who live far away, as long as they have a good internet connection.

When one hires the services of a company that offers digital marketing, he or she will also be happy to know that through this, wonderful returns on investment can be enjoyed. In order to make a business grow, it is certainly necessary to make some kind of investment, to spend money so that more can be earned. The good news is that through digital marketing, the money that is spent is sure to result in rewards which definitely will be satisfying and worthwhile.
The 4 Most Unanswered Questions about Companies

Last but not least, business owners can benefit through digital marketing because through it, they can definitely create a relationship of trust with their clients, a relationship which will no doubt be wonderfully beneficial to everyone. You might know how important it is to achieve brand awareness, and it is wonderful to know that through a company that offers digital marketing, you can certainly achieve this result.
The 10 Best Resources For Tips

When all has been said, then, people can definitely enjoy a lot of wonderful benefits when they find a company that offers digital marketing.

A Simple Plan For Researching Options

A Quick Guide to Carpet Installation

You should know that carpet installation is something that’s considered to be something big. When it comes to this, people think that carpet installation is just throwing down the carpet down the floor and make a few adjustments. In any case, it would have been great if doing carpet installation was easy as some people say. Making the carpet in your house last for a long time is something that would need professional help. Having that in mind, you should know that there are several options that you can choose from when it comes to carpet installation. Still, this kind of service is something that’s needed if you don’t want to redo the carpet installation every other month. This is the reason why hiring a carpet installation service is necessary in the first place.

When it comes to getting the carpet installation that you need, you will have to take some things into account first. Being able to contact the right carpet installation service means that they can provide the right kind of advice on what carpet would be best suited for your house. To add to that, you will want to ensure that the carpet installation that you’re having for your house will have a few more options to make it interesting.

Getting rid of the old carpet in your house is something that you need to do if you want to get started with the carpet installation. It’s a fact that some people just lay the new carpet on the top of the old one. That’s something that you want to avoid doing since it would only ruin the new carpet. If you want to have a clean carpet installation, then it would be best to make sure that everything is clean before the start. Removing the old carpet also means that you will want to take care of the old carpet strips. New carpet strips are needed if you want a clean carpet installation. It’s also necessary that the floor is cleaned off before the new carpet is put down. Having a vacuum and a mop would be helpful in this situation. It’s also preferred that you do this once the baseboards are removed.

The qualification of the carpet installation service is something that you would want to inspect thoroughly. Also, using the online network would be really helpful when it comes to finding the right carpet installation service that you need. It’s also possible that you ask your friends and colleagues for referrals about this matter. This is one way to get solid information about the carpet installation service that you can trust.
A Simple Plan For Investigating Options
Getting To The Point – Businesses

What Do You Know About Lawyers

The Importance of Having a Divorce Lawyer

Are you seeing that the person you married has become one that you no longer recognize? Are you constantly fighting with your spouse on things which are not at all significant? Well, if you and your partner are thinking about filing for a divorce, it can be the best time that you also consider searching for a divorce lawyer so that you will be able to handle the process in the best way possible.

The divorce can surely get messy and getting a professional lawyer on your side on this difficult time can really make you feel safe, confident and secure to be guaranteed that the others won’t take advantage of the situation. Here are some of the reason that you must hire a professional lawyer who is quite knowledgeable about divorce in order to help take care of you on this time.

You have to find a divorce lawyer since one is good at legal matters. When this is your first divorce, then you don’t have the idea on how this will work. The divorce lawyer is quite familiar with the process of this. One also knows the ins and the outs of the courts and also the expected results for every kind of situation. What this means is that they know what they are doing and you can surely depend on him.

You will also be able to benefit from less stress. The divorces are really stressful times in life and such can be more difficult if there are kids who are involved. When you are working full-time, then this would add to another dimension to stress. Having a divorce lawyer will allow you to take care of the important things in your life that require full attention. Also, the lawyer would take care of all the details as well as difficult conversations.

The legal proceeding would include a disgusting amount of paperwork that you may not understand and will just make you sleep. Lawyers, on the other hand, are actually trained to reason with this paperwork and they also notice the small details that an inexperienced may often miss. By hiring a divorce lawyer, then you can save yourself from such hard situation.

Get to know that the divorce lawyers are also trained to fine tune those details of the court proceeding and avoid the expensive mistakes that can take place from inattention. You must know that with divorce, a lot is definitely at stake and the lawyer can ensure that you will get everything that you are legally entitled to. When your partner has a lawyer and you don’t, then you should realize that they may try to take advantage of the situation where you are in. Due to this, it is really important that you find a good lawyer that you feel comfortable to work with.
Discovering The Truth About Lawyers
3 Services Tips from Someone With Experience